Ladder racks

Driver Side EZ Load Ladder Rack, White, Black

Cargo vans are getting taller each year and most grip lock style ladder racks do not take this factor into their design. The average height person in North America is 5’8” (according to the CDC) and the taller the cargo vans get, the harder it is to load a ladder on top of these vans. The patent pending design of the EZ Load Ladder Rack brings the ladder down 6” towards the operator. Making it easier to reach when you unload and more importantly, when the operator has to load the ladder, they no longer have to lift the ladder to the top of the cargo van reducing the risk of injury!

  • Ladder Protection – Ladders stowed on the EZ Load Ladder Rack are protected with composite plastic that keep fiberglass ladders from rubbing on the metal of the ladder rack. This prolongs the life of your fiberglass ladders.
  • Safe Ladder Transportation – No bungee cords needed. Four brackets secure the ladder tightly in place during transportation. Proper adjustment should take place when you first load your ladders on the EZ Load Rack.
  • Ladder Security – Ladders can be secured against theft with an optional padlock.
  • The EZ Load Ladder Rack accommodates 10’ – 36’ extension ladders and 8’ step ladders. Shorter ladders can be accommodated with the optional step ladder kit.