4 seasons truck bodies

4 season truck bodies

Vast choice of options, state of the art body, easy and simple to use...

MG BY TWIN  four seasons body combines all the functions of a conventional dump body and as well as those of an abrasive spreader. With this type of body, it is possible to make the conversion from a dump body to a spreader (or from a spreader to a dump body) in just a few minutes. These conversions are simple and fast. By it's robust and quality construction and it's exceptional range of options, this body serves multipurpose and allows an optimal use of the vehicle. The sturdiness of the body allows its use for tough excavation work. This type of body may be installed on 1 ½ tons, single axle 37000 GVW, tandem trucks as well as on 4 x 4, 6 x 6, (etc.) vehicles.

Standard features :

  • Driver-side integrated conveyor in floor of body;
  • Folding ladder;
  • Floor and passenger side inner wall raised to feed conveyor when required;
  • Ready to perform several duties with no down time;
  • Spinner location assures traction to rear wheels;
  • Conveyor can be used for other functions than abrasives spreading i.e: shoulder work, pothole patching;
  • Rectangular body profile to maximize payload.

Capacity of 2.7 to 14 cubic yards and dimension of 8 'to 16' built HD.
Corten steels are used against rust.
Hardox steels are also used to compensate for more rigorous use for example :excavation.

***The weight and capacity on this page are for informational purposes only***

Several options are available :

  • Removable screens;
  • Barn door tailgate;
  • Coal doors;
  • Removable spreader apron;
  • Summer chute;
  • Hydraulic material discharge gate;
  • Heated floor;
  • Uploading transverse conveyor;
  • Extra light holes;
  • Central lubrication to extend the life of moving parts;
  • And more.