Asphalt truck bodies

GEN1 Conventionnal

Easy and simple to use !

The Michel Gohier Ltd asphalt body is easy to use. The completely insulated shell will keep the asphalt hot for many hours :

  • Capacity of 2 Vc to 10.5 Vc and dimension of 7' to 14' to be adapted for all customer trucks;
  • Approximate weight of 2600 lbs to 4000 lbs;

Can be installed in several ways :

  1. Inserted;
  2. In the same frame;
  3. Concept of chassis roll off;
  4. And others ..

Equipment :

  • Shoveling our trays are provided with pins to be removed for pouring directly into a paver or floor;
  • Our equipments are sanded with steel shot, which makes it even more porous surface and allows a better grip of the primer;
  • We use a primer for aluminum by the galvanic effect gives a superior, or 4,000 hours in salt-based medium;
  • All our trucks bodies are equipped with internal canvas asphalt to prevent the accumulation of material in the hinges of the cover load.

*** The weight and capacity that we write are for informational purposes only ***

Options :

  • Dumping worm controlled cross;
  • Conveyor worm longitunal;
  • Ability to control the temperature of the material by a sophisticated system of double-walled passage that recovers heat from exhaust gases to extend the life of asphalt;
  • Tub of work adapted to the optimal position for spreading bitumen;
  • Vast choice of storage racks: vibrating plate, compactor roller and other tools;
  • Trunk with different dimensions;
  • Preprogrammed system for automatic cleaning;
  • Lighting optimized working;
  • Many more ...



Standard features :

  • Capacity from 2.5 cu yd to 12 cu yd;
  • From a 100,000 btu burner to 2 devices of 150,000 btu;
  • Maintenance burner adjustment from a CAD sensor;
  • Spill worm asphalt dumping with maintenance system;
  • Interior made of wear-resistent high in carbon steel;
  • Preheating chamber designed to eliminate overheating of equipment;
  • Anti-compaction equipment protection for the unloading auger;
  • All cylinder active owns a probe read by the controller to remove external components; operating stroke and minimum maintenance;
  • Compatibility truck computers with the PLC: programming flexibility of the hydraulic system as requested by the equipment at the precise moment;
  • Order preprogrammed operations to eliminate possible mistakes during paving operations;
  • All the combustion system is controlled from the PLC;
  • Elevated covered rear for easy cleaning and spraying anti-sticking asphalt.

Available options :

  • Roller compactor supports;
  • Reel carrier asphalt binder;
  • Waste collection tray;
  • Unloading auger with guillotine door in the dumpster;
  • Hydraulically controlled fall;
  • Container custom built binder;
  • Pumping system asphalt binder;
  • Heating element 120 Volt for linking with temperature sensor;
  • Safe robust custom aluminum for custom application;
  • Platform working constructed to meet health and safety standards;
  • Highly sophisticated system of lights;
  • Camera sensor;
  • Touch screen for CAD operation.