Light & medium duty wrecking

220 snatcher

Recognizing the need for a lightweight compact unit that is reliable and durable enough to stand up to rigorous use for repossessions and towers, Holmes has introduced the 220 Snatcher. 

  • operated by a twelve volt electric/hydraulic pump system that connects to your vehicles power supply;
  • functions of folding & unfolding, extending & retracting, raising & lowering, and opening & closing the wheel claws can be done from the inside of the cab;
  • optional rear bumper, counterweight, push bumper and spring kits.

For repossessions work, moving vehicles around lots or in parking ramps or garages and light duty towing that even includes the capabilities to hhok up to 90 degrees, check out the new Snatcher from Holmes.


Since the first twin boom wrecker in 1017, Holmes has built a reputation for supplying the inductry with quality and innovation that towers could rely on for their daily towing needs.

  • 8,000 lbs. boom;
  • 8,000 lbs. planetary winch;
  • auto load wheel lift system rated at 4,000 lbs.

The hydraulic functions can all be operated from the lanyard controller in your cab including hooking up to parallel parked vehicles at a 90 degree angle. The steel modula body is adjustable in width up to 94'' and included two spacious tool compartments.