Medium & heavy duty wrecking

Heavy Duty Fixed, Sliding or Rotator Booms Series 6807, 8807, 8808, 9907 & 9909

Challenger's 6807(40 Ton) and 8807 (50 Ton) heavy duty fixed boom units were designed to provide the operator with additional boom reach for difficult recovery work. This long boom design moves the center of gravity forward, adding additional weight to the front axle, extremely beneficial when towing heavyloads on the SDU3 underlift. 

Challenger 6807XLT (40t.) or 8807 (50t.):

  • recovery boom and allows the boom to travel 72'' towards the tailboard for additional reach;
  • provides 132'' of reach from tailboard to the center of the lift forks;
  • capacity of 17,000lb extended and 55,000 lbs retracted;
  • heavy-Duty Fixed Boom and Rotators are available with the optional drag winch;
  • dual drag winches are available on the Rotator Series only. 

Challenger 8808 (50t.) and 9909 (70t.):

  • equipped with rotators;
  • rotators with 360º of boom rotation. 

Also available with the trademarkChallenger®: the Transporter  (20 ton), the CH-31 (25 ton), the CH-32 (30 ton), the CH-35 (35 ton) and the CH-50 (50 ton). All are fixed boom model.