Our Services

When an equipment on a vehicle in your fleet prevents you from doing your work properly and slows down the activities of your company, go see our Service department at TWIN Equipment Inc., our team will analyze the problem and propose solutions that will allow you to hit the road with safe and effective equipment.

Here are the different equipment on which we conduct prevention, maintenance, tests, repair and of course installation :

  • Snow removal equipment;
  • Towing;
  • Hydraulic tailgates;
  • Trailers;
  • Articulated boom;
  • Service boxes;
  • Articulated cranes;
  • Dump bodies, 4 seasons & asphalt boxes;
  • Platforms & inserts;
  • Winches;
  • Compressors & generators;
  • Hook-lift system;
  • Spray arm;
  • Other small equipment.

We can also make the transfer of you equipment on a new truck or remove old equipment and install a new one on the same truck; or completely refurbish equipment that has grown older to give it a second life. Our service technicians and representatives will be happy to make you a quote.

We can serve you in one of our three branches located in Montreal, Laval and Quebec.

Visit the "Our Realizations" section of our website to see some of our previous projects.

Montreal branch :

10401 Boul. Parkway

Ville d’Anjou, (Québec) H1J 1R4

Tél. : (514)353-1190

Laval branch :

2025, Le Châtelier

Laval, (Québec) H17 5B3

Tél. : (450)681-1885

Quebec branch :

2680B Boul. Hamel Ouest

Québec, (Québec) G1P 2J1

Tél. : (418)683-8655

Our company holds various certifications :

  • Canadian Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (CMVSS);
  • Canadian Welding Bureau (CWB);
  • ISO-9001-2000 standard.