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Mira funding campaign - A SUCCESS!

Sandro will be a service dog.

After a long training and several evaluations, the Mira team concluded that our dog Sandro had all the abilities needed to excel as a service dog. In addition to being smart and caring, Sandro is tall and strong. So it was a perfect match.

Ms. Julie, the designated beneficiary, suffers from a permanent motor impairment. Sandro will therefore offer him the opportunity to:

-Serve support or support
-Receive technical help
-Receive a moral support
-Reintegrate socially

The campaign is coming to an end. The TWIN team would like to thank you for your support. We have just changed this person's life for the better. We will receive at our offices Ms. Julie, Sandro and the Mira team during the month of August for the presentation of the $ 30,000 check.

Stay tuned!

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